Workin’ for a livin’ …

Well, I think I’ve moved to work.

Maybe not completely, but we’ve had a ton of stuff to do lately and there’ve been some long hours. And of course, in this new job, I’m overtime-exempt, so I don’t get paid, although I did get half a day off Friday due to us finishing a proposal that involved two long nights — one until after 11:00 and one nearly that long. The only good thing was that I could listen (and occasionally watch) the Canadiens game Thursday night.

I wish I could say I didn’t see the hekdish (at least from the standpoint of a Canadiens fan) Sunday, but alas, I did. Or least a good (talk about a misnomer!) part of it. Ah, well, I can only hope les gars can find the other net and score, because as good as Halak has been, that’s the one thing he doesn’t do. On the other hand, maybe if they put Price in the net and give him a chance … (just kidding!)

Watching the horrible situation in the Gulf. For as much grief (justified, yes) that President Bush took for the mishigas after Katrina, I can’t say the Obama administration is doing much more to impress me, and what I think of BP isn’t printable. Tom and I have agreed that we are not buying gas at BP for the foreseeable future, and possibly never. So much destruction and all these idiots who are supposed to know what they’re doing running around like idiots and accomplishing nothing while the situation gets worse. Shame on them!

And in other news … The Cavs fired Mike Brown, the coach. Ho, hum … if LeBron stays, he stays — if he goes, he goes. I suppose I’d be at least a little sorry if he leaves, but I refuse to break down and cry about it. I may have to reserve all my tears for the Canadiens after tonight, for one thing and for another, well, my life went on just fine before Mr. James got here and will continue after he leaves. C’est la vie!

On Rhapsody, “My Old School” by Steely Dan

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