I Gotta Have Faith …

True on so many levels …

I gotta have faith that the overwhelming majority of those I consider friends truly are — I’ve found at least one who’s not and it really hurts.

I gotta have faith that I have some writing ability. I have real doubts in that area and it breaks my heart because sometimes it feels like writing is all that keeps me going. I couldn’t keep doing it if I’m deluding myself about whether I really can.

I gotta have faith that I’ll come up with the money I need to get to Calicon. It’s been a long year, waiting and such a disappointment not to.

I gotta have faith that the Habs will keep playing at the level they did last night — they thoroughly discombobulated (I love that word!) the Flyers and it showed in the final score (5-1)! Go Habs Go!

On Rhapsody, D. L. Menard, “La Porte d’en Arrière”

2 thoughts on “I Gotta Have Faith …

  1. I think this post applies to all of us, for various things we suffer doubts on. But you don’t have to worry on the writing ability front. You have A LOT of that. And I’m proud to call you friend! I really do hope we can meet in a couple months! Keeping my fingers crossed!

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