I’m-A Want You …

I thought it was appropriate that my title was from a song by Bread, since it applies to … bread.

I know I’ve had trouble with cravings for sweets; I thought that was the hardest thing I had to deal with when it came to changing my eating habits. But that’s an airy nothing compared to not eating bread (or any white flour thing)! And I compounded the problem by getting my husband (who isn’t doing the same diet I am) a loaf of a potato bread we both really like. Now I’ll have to sit there and smell it while he’s indulging himself.

Also, doing more veg and fruit. My aim is 5-10 servings combined of those. Not giving up dairy, just moderating it and also not going vegan. Just avoiding the (non-milk) white stuff: sugar, white flour, white rice, etc. I have oatmeal for breakfast with a scoop of blueberry whey powder. I may have to have more oatmeal, because the whey, while not bad, is a little overbearing.

I’m also going to try something I see called EDT. It’s a 3-day a week weight training method; short, intense weight training (15 minutes to do 2 exercises, with a 2 minute break between, 3 groups of 15 minutes). Then you do cardio on your “days off”. I’m interested in seeing how/if it works. I need to try different things anyway, and if I’m not seeing changes in 2-3 weeks, I’ll try something else.

I’m within a page or so of a first draft of a story called “Short Journey, Long Step”. It’s a GA universe story and fits between “First Hello, Last Goodbye” and “After the Fall”. I’m telling the story of Paul/Caje’s last home visit before decamping for Europe and trying to reconcile with Denis before he goes. It’s being told from the viewpoints of Annette, Denis and Paul. It’s also my way of reconciling having sent Paul and T’eo off on the bus, when I knew Paul, at least, was seen off my his folks on the train (“High Named Today”). I like it so far and in run-throughs on my way to the part where I’m actually writing, I’ve trimmed back some of the sentiment and melodrama. Gotta remember that the Alan Alda sensitive-guy archetype was not part of the mainstream back in 1943! 🙂

My Canadiens playoff “shrine” at work …

Go Habs Go!

Vive Le Bleu-Blanc-Rouge!

On Rhapsody: “I’ve Been Thinking About You”, by Londonbeat

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