I Go To Rio …

Well, okay. Not that far :).

I’m kind of holding my own “Carnivale”. On Thursday night, I went to my club for a nutritional counseling session. What it comes down to is that if I’m going to get serious about this weight loss thing, I have some major changes to make in my diet. I kind of knew that anyway, but now it’s down to where “the rubber meets the road” and I am running out of time to lose enough weight to make a difference for my plans this summer.

I have to give up a lot of stuff. That’s the bottom line. So this weekend, I’m having a minor gastronomic holiday and eating things I really like for the last time. Not overdoing it — this isn’t a “sit down and eat a whole cheesecake and a dozen donuts and three baked potatoes with a whole side of sour cream” kind of thing. Just a taste of things here and there and then reminding myself that if I want to change, this has to go, too. I guess part of it is reminding myself that I only THINK I have to have some of these things and that by trying them, I realize I don’t necessarily like them as much as I thought.

Either way, the reason I call it “Carnivale” is that in Latin, that means “farewell to meat”. It was the season before Lent when people indulged themselves to prepare for giving things up in that season. I’m not giving up meat, but flour, sugar, white rice and potatoes, bread and a whole host of things that have high sugar content or a high glycemic index number.

Wish me luck; pray for me; think of me and even yell at me occasionally if you think it’ll help. It’s about to be a bumpy ride, methinks.


8 thoughts on “I Go To Rio …

  1. Party on, dudette!

    And now you have me singing your title’s song. since the only version I really know is sung by hugh Jackman, I’m not minding! 😀

    • TEC4 says:

      LOL! I do remember the original version by Peter Allan (Allen?), but Hugh Jackman’s just fine by me! 🙂

  2. Good luck! It’ll be easier than you think. My problem is always remembering to plan ahead so that I have things around the house I can make a meal of.

    • TEC4 says:

      I think bread will be the hardest. I was just at Speedway to get gas and I wanted something quick. Unfortunately, everything was either sweets, pizza or sandwiches or too high in sugar or sodium. I’m not allowed anything that’s higher than 9 grams of sugar per serving or 90 grams of sodium per serving.

      • I used to think bread would be the hardest when I quit wheat, but as I haven’t really had good bread since I lived in Northern California nearly twenty years ago, turned out to be relatively easy. But I do miss homemade egg bread, homemade Italian bread, and homemade pizza crust, particularly the latter. Alas.

  3. TEC4 says:

    Oh, we have some wonderful bakeries around here; as you probably know, or at least have some idea, Cleveland’s loaded with ethnic bakeries – Italian, Jewish, all kinds of Eastern European. We’d been planning a trip to the West Side Market and there are a couple of places there … oh, well. I’ll just have to stay outside where the vegetables are and make sneak runs to get chicken, cheese and spices inside … 🙂

    • I know! I’m so envious of that. And I tell you, the next time I come back to Cleveland for a visit (which might be around Christmas this year), I’m beelining straight for Jack’s deli and a corned beef sandwich on rye with a chocolate phosphate, and wheat-allergies be hanged!

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