And You Were Laughing …

Well, my resolve not to blog didn’t survive the Habs whirlwind elimination of the Pens on Wednesday night.

And what a game it was! Unlike the nailbiters on previous nights (which caused my FB friend in QC to second my call for a “nitroglycerin with a side of oxygen” with his own call for a double) this one started off with a bang and went up from there. At least it did if you were rooting for the Canadiens. Pens fans may beg to differ about that.

It seems to me that the Pens did all they could to assist the Habs on the road to destiny (et le Coupe Stanley). Michael Farber of had a great quote in his article about one part of the game:

But a subsequent Montreal goal some two minutes later was more problematic for the Penguins because of what NHL coaches, in their on-going effort to enrich the English language, call “compete level.” Travis Moen, killing a penalty, was tentatively skating down the left, gaining the Penguins’ line, when, like a traffic cop working a busy intersection at rush hour, defenseman Sergei Gonchar basically waved him through. (Ole, ole, ole is what the fans in Montreal sing, not what venerated Penguins defensemen are supposed do.) Moen took the free pass from Gonchar, skated to the faceoff circle and beat Fleury some five minutes into the period.

So on we go. We won’t know until after tonight if we’ll be facing the Bruins or the Flyers. I’m not sure I care. I have to “watch” games on my cell phone via ESPN’s text feed. It would be nice to watch one game on TV. I hope I’ll be able to find a bar in the Cleveland area that allows people to watch hockey — my guess is the Cavs’ catastrophic meltdown will make that a little easier than it might have been otherwise, considering that most people seem only to watch the Indians out of habit.

All I hope is that the Canadiens stay as hungry as they have been. I really believe that the only thing that can beat this team is themselves — falling into complacency after rousting two of the best regular season teams in the NHL.

In the meantime, as far as the Habs are concerned, the answer to life, the universe and everything isn’t 42 — it’s 41! Go Habs Go!

Jaroslav Halak


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