Glory Days …

I golfed for the first time in more than eight or nine years (at least) last night as part of my new company’s golf league. If Tiger Woods needs an ego boost, he can come out and golf with me any time — I’m terrible! 🙂 Although it’s largely being rusty; if I had some practice, I might at least aspire to the level of poor Jean Van de Veldt, who lost the British Open in 1999 on the last hole.

I didn’t go into any bunkers, but my BEST hole was a 7 (and that was a Par 3! LOL!). Still, I had a lot of fun and that’s what counts. The guys were very nice to me and didn’t laugh (or maybe they did, behind my back) too much.

Game four tonight for the Canadiens. Go Habs Go!

On Sunday, I’m doing some volunteer work for the Komen folks; sitting at a table at Jacobs (sorry, Progressive) Field handing out literature. Afterwards, I’ll get to sit in the stadium and watch whatever is left of the game, which given how bad the Indians are (at least as bad as I am at golf, without the excuse of being rusty) may not be all that much fun. Ah,well, I should at least get a pair of Slider-head slippers out of it.




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