Talk, talk …

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Felicidad! Prosperidad! Tequila!

Work was mad yesterday … hardly got to move from my desk, unless it was go get something off the printer or put it in the books.

Last night the kitty came out to see us; she’d been hiding a lot, no doubt traumatized by having to be caught, being put in the carrier and driven somewhere unfamiliar. She is quite affectionate though, winding her way back and forth between my feet and letting me pet her. Good to see …

Habs lost. Not giving up though, not at ALL! (Thanks, Temeraire!) I just keep remembering we were down 3-1 against the Caps. Go Habs Go!

Haven’t done a lot of writing lately, except in my head. Imagine when I get to actually write it will all come out too fast for me to type. But that’s okay.

I keep watching the mess in the Gulf. Praying so hard that the oil will not do the major damage they are expecting. But know that it could wind up being that bad or worse. Sigh.

Down 6 pounds this week. Hope this keeps up!

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