Ta Casse Mon Coeur …

As someone who loves Louisiana, the Cajun culture and bayou country, I am heartbroken over the potential (and likely) damage to the ecosystems along the coast of Louisiana and the Gulf by the idiots at BP.

See ‘Gulf oil oozes into marshes as weather worsens’

From what I’ve read, this could at best damage fishing and shrimping (the livelihood of a lot of residents) for a very long time, and at worst, it could be potentially irreversible.

This area has already been damaged by Katrina, and just as things were beginning to come back together, les salauds* at BP, through their desire for CYA rather than doing the right thing, are about to deal another blow to the Gulf and the people who live there. Congratulations, fellas. Hope you suffer corporate damage proportionate to the damage you inflict.

In the meantime, I am praying hard that the Lord will turn the weather around and keep the oil where the engineers can get to it and remove it.

*Yep, Freshly Pressed folks, that’s a violation. Just so you know.


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