Meet the New [Cat, Not the] Same as the Old …

Well, it looks as though we’re going to have a new feline member of the family. A friend of mine e-mailed me this morning looking for a new home for a cat belonging to a mutual friend (or a mutual friend who belonged to the cat, depending on how you look at it). As I blogged here, we lost both our cats last Fall and my husband keeps hinting to me how much he’d like a couple more cats. He loves animals and has been great friends with ours, so I knew I’d wind up giving in eventually.

So on Saturday afternoon, we’ll be going out to get our new cat, and I’ll have to go back to remembering to close doors and not leave things out — I’d kind of gotten lax about it since Lynx and Doodlebug left us.

It should be nice.


2 thoughts on “Meet the New [Cat, Not the] Same as the Old …

    • TEC4 says:

      She’s terribly shy. My friend who had her said that she was a rescue and she is scared of a lot of things. I can’t understand people who are unkind to animals … which is the usual reason for such behavior.

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