Cleveland rocks!

Waaah. Joakim Noah doesn’t like Cleveland. Now I’m all down and everything. How can I live here if he doesn’t like our city? LOL! Frankly, I’m glad when people put us down. There’s so much going on here, and it’s easier to get to all those things without having to deal with people who can’t appreciate them.

Case: Cleveland Museum of Art – The Monet in Normandy exhibit back a couple of years – it was the only time a lot of those paintings were in the same room since Monet painted them. People came from all over the WORLD to see this exhibit. Same for the Barcelona (Picasso, Gaudí, Miró, Dalí) exhibit, the Gilded Age (Fabergé Tiffany Lalique) exhibit and the more recent Gauguin show.

Case: The West Side Market – no better place to see diversity in action; when I lived in Tremont and walked over to the WSM (which was my ‘grocery store’) on a Saturday morning/afternoon, it was like the UN. Dozens of languages and people groups, ethnic foods and even a little New York vibe with the guys running the stands the way their grandfathers did.

Case: Tremont – A really cool place to live. Lots of great restaurants, artists, Lincoln Park and you can’t throw a stone in the neighborhood without hitting an old church or a renovated home. Home of “The Deer Hunter” set (Lemko Hall).

Case: Warehouse District – What once was nothing has become the home of downtown living, Constantino’s Market and lots of different restaurants. We walked through there last year during the Komen walk and I was really impressed at everything that had been done.

I could and would go on and on, but then all those outsiders who like to look down their noses at Cleveland might realize this isn’t such a horrible place and come here — which kind of defeats my purpose. Thanks, Joakim. Keep up the good work!

On Rhapsody: “Celebrate Me Home”, Kenny Loggins

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