Something To Talk About …

Just some idle thoughts …

Temps here went from 80s to 40s in two days. Oh, Ohio.

We saw Frankie Valli at Playhouse Square the other day. Really great concert and just shows that a real showman is a showman and entertainer no matter what his age is.

Getting ready to head home and watch the Cavs. Then the Habs tonight. May see if I can squeeze the Tribe in between the two … or not. LOL!

Will have “Now That Spring is Here” back up on the website by Monday — or even tomorrow if I get back to the library.

And no, I didn’t manage a whole week before I started fiddling with ‘Fais Do Do’ again (no pun intended). But I think it’s almost done, except for the word choice, grammar and punctuation check. Then it’s back to “Running the Courir” again and I hope I can get it straightened out. After all that, I have a “Nonc Pierre in WWI” idea I want to knock around. And the first chapter of the novel.

On Rhapsody: “Smile Like Yours”, Natalie Cole

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