All By Myself …

It’s lonely being a one-person fan club.

Cleveland is so not a hockey town. And the small outposts of pro hockey fans here are even more so not Habs fans. I realized, as I was doing my ‘happy dance’ around the living room (I’ll spare you the details 🙂 ) after Pleky’s OT goal last night that I wasn’t going to have anyone actually in front of me to talk to about the game. In fact, I chased two engineers from my office this morning with a cheery ‘Vive le bleu-blanc-rouge!’ Their reaction (for my fellow Combat! squaddies) was roughly equivalent to Caje’s at the end of ‘Operation Flytrap’ when Gary Lockwood gets grumpy about ‘sentimental Frenchmen’.

I thought I had someone to discuss it with online, but it’s tough ‘talking’ to someone over a thousand miles away who you’re not connected with. And if you’re actually there and can watch it on TV, it’s different. It’d be like me dealing with a Cavs fan in Mexico or somewhere remote from me. So I guess I understand …

On the Sansa: “Dreaming With a Broken Heart”, by John Meyer

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