Walk on …

Well, went and did the MS Walk this morning. Part of the walk route was the same as the path I used to take when I walked last summer; it tells me how far I’ve come that the hill that used to flatten me hardly seemed like a hill any more and that I did two miles in less than 40 minutes and recovered quite well.

There were a lot of people there, not as many as for the Komen, but still quite a few. I walked for the nephew of a friend of mine and realized guiltily that I should have asked Tom to ask his school friend if I could walk for him too. So I did; it just wasn’t written on my back! (Although the sign fell off, although I didn’t realize it until I got in the car).

I wish I’d gotten pledges, but after I get paid next week, I’ll put something in.

Ok, Habs: Tonight’s it. You’ve got Halak between the pipes. Make it happen, okay? Avec l’affection, Moi

On the Sansa: “Nous Vivons Ensemble” by Gordon Lightfoot

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