Why Don’t You Write Me a (story)?

Well, I put “Running the Courir” aside for a week or so. I need some space on it, to think it through and see how to fix the deficiencies.

And in the meantime, I started a new story called “Fais Do Do”, which is all GA backstory, set after “Against All the World” and before “La Sagouine”. I ‘know’ that Aurélie (Andre’s wife and Pierre and Denis’ mother) died when Paul was about four, so this is before that. The story is also just about writing itself. I love it when the process goes this smoothly — but I also love it when it doesn’t. Not sure what that means, exactly, except that as I’ve said before, I love writing.

It feels funny to say ‘know’ about the stories, as though the people and their histories were real, but they kind of are, at least to me. One of my C! friends told me that after she finished an almost-novel length fic she was working on, she missed the story and the characters, almost as though they were old friends who came and shared things going on in their lives. I can sympathize with that.

The other thing is that as this world I’m creating grows, ideas about the people and what happened to them keep popping up. As I said, it’s almost as though all this really happened and I’m being told about it. And, yes, when the men in white coats come, just sign the forms in triplicate and look relieved. LOL! Really, I do know better. It’s only that some vein of creativity that has lain dormant for a long time has been tapped into and I am reaping the benefits thereof. It gives me great joy.

On the Sansa: “Old Days” by Chicago

2 thoughts on “Why Don’t You Write Me a (story)?

  1. This is why I end up writing trilogies. And so much fanfic, lol. I get to be buds with my characters and miss them when I’m not engaged in their world. I’ve written 2 1/2 novels that aren’t fanfic that form a trilogy, and I honestly could do a neverending series with those characters. Branch off and explore various friends of the main three characters forever… if I could just stop writing fanfic!

    • TEC4 says:

      Well, as my dad told me about a year ago (he’s a published author, both fiction and non-fiction — as a professor, it’s publish or perish) if you like writing about Caje, write about him and don’t call him Caje. So I have to change the family name, but since Andre, Denis, Pierre, Annette, etc. all are mine, I could write a pre-Combat! novel and only keep Theo and Paul. Might have to change Theo’s name (although we never knew his last name, I don’t think), but I’ve been framing it out and I think I can do it.

      I offer this advice fwiw … 🙂

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