Sunday Morning Coming Down …

We had a really great Easter. Our church has an Easter breakfast before the service, and I took a casserole that turned out better than I was afraid it would. I’m not sure why, but for some reason, the stuff I take to church hasn’t always turned out the way I expected it to. In this case, since I hate the taste of eggs, I made a sausage, hash brown, cheese and onion casserole. (Yeah, I know, real low fat/calories … but it was good!)

The service itself was wonderful. The little ones sang, which is always a joy, and the usual suspects sang during the service. They were great, too.

Pastor’s sermon was really excellent. He’s been doing a verse-by-verse teaching on the Gospel of John and he finished it up this week. I think he was glad that he has taught an entire book, and also, just preaching the Easter message has to be a joy too.

If you pray, pray for me. I’m in the process of letting go of something that matters to me a whole lot, but is probably not the best thing for me, and it’s breaking my heart. Also, beginning (again) today, I’m trying to get my eating under control. I know I could lose a lot more weight and inches if I could just control what and how much I eat. If you know me, help keep me accountable, please. Thanks!

p.s. Youppi! The Canadiens won AGAIN on Saturday. Playoffs, here we come (I hope!)

On Rhapsody, “Free”, Steven Curtis Chapman

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