Either Step Up, or Step Back …

Canadiens: When I got a chance to check hockey scores this morning (hey, Plain Dealer, would it kill you to put NHL stuff in the paper? Some of us care more about hockey than just the Lake Erie Monsters!) I was sorry to see Les Habs lost the other night.  Win one, lose one … step up and then step back.  Man, you guys got to be more consistent! You’re breaking my heart here. 🙂

There’s no games until Wednesday for us and I am rooting for Washington (who’s already in the playoffs as the Division leader) to beat Ottawa Tuesday. No games for Philly until at least Thursday, if I read the schedule right and whoever is playing them better beat ’em. We need to spread the points out a little. Go Habs Go!

Cavaliers: It was really nice to hear the crowd make noise for Z yesterday — it wasn’t just when he came in the game the first time, but all through the game, and having the Cavs win made things even better. Of course, it didn’t hurt that LeBron put on a show — whatever else I may think/feel about him and the chances of keeping him after this season, watching what he can do with a basketball never gets old. He’s just that good.

And in other news … there is someone in my life I love so much. This song’s for you; it’s the only way I will ever be able to say it. And since I don’t think you’ve ever read this blog, you’ll probably never know. But that’s okay …

On Rhapsody, “To Love Somebody“, The BeeGees

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