I Wanted to be With You Alone, and Talk About the Weather …

Only in Ohio … January in March. I nearly froze walking in from the bus — the sidewalks did freeze and I almost fell a few times. I wish I’d realized there’d be this much snow. I could have used my skis! 🙂 And in a couple of spots, water wings. There’s nothing like breaking through ice to step into the water underneath to wake you up, yanno?

Not that we’re not all used to the vagaries of climate in NE Ohio. The standing joke in this area is “Don’t like the weather? Give it 15 minutes and it’ll change.” We can confidently not be surprised by snow as late as May.

Right now, I’m giving thanks that the company, for whatever reason, has placed a space heater under my desk. And that I am about to go get a big cup of hot coffee. The only thing I’m missing is a hot shower and if I haven’t warmed up by lunch, I’m going upstairs, working out and then getting one.

And in other news, Les Habs beat the Panthers 4-1. Yeesssss! Youppi! (and we’re still solidly in the playoff picture!) Take that, Bembridge Scholars! (from The Mummy)

Hope you’re somewhere a lot warmer, where snow is only a rumor.

On the Sansa: “Lily Was Here”, Candy Dulfer

2 thoughts on “I Wanted to be With You Alone, and Talk About the Weather …

  1. TEC4 says:

    LOL! I also love the scene where she’s a little on the tipsy side and she tells an amused Rick that she knows who she is … “*I* am a librarian!”

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