Ring, Ring …

I’m trying to track down Blackberry service that’s non-contract — prepaid, pay as you go, whatever it’s called. I’m not picky.

I tried ‘chatting’ with a rep at T-Mobile. What a joke. You can tell that the ‘person’ you’re chatting with is a computer when they reiterate everything you say, along the lines of:

Me: I’m interested in getting full Blackberry service on a pay as you go basis

“Person”: I can see you’re interested in getting pay as you go service for Blackberry

Me: That’s right. Can you give me availability and pricing on that and do I have to buy the phone from you.

“Person”: Let me check on availability and pricing

etc., etc., etc.

And then, despite lots of people saying they have this service, the “person” came back and told me they don’t. So I tried Twitter, since they don’t have an e-mail option (almost everyone does these days). I hope I can find a real live someone who can tell me what I want to know. But I’m not counting on it.

On the Sansa: “Jambalaya”, Hank Williams

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