Turn and face the strange (changes) …

As things get closer to leaving Osborn and starting my new job, I am more and more nervous.  Not about my ability to do the new job, or even any real concern about the people I’ll work with.  It’s just that change and I don’t get along very well.

I’m the kind of person who resists change right up to the point of inevitability, and then adapts to the new status quo and doesn’t want to let go of it.  Repeat ad nauseum, as necessary.

I will have been at Osborn close to seven years and though I will enjoy the new job and new challenges, I will miss the people I have gotten to know here.  As Frank Herbert had Thufir Hawat say in Dune:  “Parting with people is a sadness; a place is only a place.”  My experience from the past, though, is that while you may stay in touch for awhile, the fact that your only real commonality is your job means that the ties fray and split after a time.  I don’t know if this job will be any different.  I kind of hope so.

In the meantime, I have almost completed a draft of a new story called “After the Fall”, wherein Caddy becomes Caje.  I’m working on a rewrite of “Now That Spring is Here” — I got some good feedback from the group and have decided to expand the story a little.  And since it kind of end runs into “After the Fall”, I’m going to add Joe Caissy to the finish.  Also, I’m continuing work on my contest story.  I really should make it my priority, since time is running out, but ATF has got its teeth into me and the idea for the finish really chomped down on me last night just as I was about to fall asleep and I think it’s going to be pretty good.

Wherever you are, I pray you are well and safe and happy and loved.  I have some hugs to spare here and I saved one for you.  Agape, me.

On Rhapsody, “How Do I Live”, LeeAnn Rimes

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