No Line on the Horizon (revisited)

I was just looking at my first look at U2’s NLOTH. For some reason, I’ve been listening to the album a lot during workouts.

Now that I’ve had a chance to hear it through a number of times, I find that I like it a lot better than I did initially. It’s a slow album — by that, I mean it’s got more in common with Unforgettable Fire than, say, Joshua Tree. JT was an accessible album with lots of stuff you could hook into right away. Same with, say, Achtung Baby, even though it’s not one of my personal likes.

NLOTH’s tracks require listening to, really hearing. Now that I have, there’s nothing on it I particularly dislike — probably my least favorite is “Fez”.

So if you didn’t “get” this music right away, give it another chance. I think it’ll grow on you.

On Rhapsody: “No Ordinary Love” by Sade

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