Johnny can’t read …

… and Janet can’t conjugate French verbs in her head (yet).

I don’t completely understand why I can’t remember ordinary present tense. I can understand having problems with future, imperfect, passé simple, etc., but not simple present. Arrgh. Gotta keep working on this. I don’t remember any other language I’ve tried giving me this much trouble. I may yet have to break down and take some basic classes.

Kinda got hooked on Cajun music after Mardi Gras; really like Cajun de la Ruston and D.L. Menard (like Menard’s voice a lot). I’m playing my Cajun playlist on Rhapsody to pieces.

Have to go in and tell the boss about the other thing; I’m not looking forward to this. I need one of those medals the Wizard gave to the Cowardly Lion. Hee!

On Rhapsody: “Bayou Pon Pon”, by Le Trio Cadien (Eddie LeJeune, D.L. Menard, Ken Smith)

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