Wheel in the sky keeps on turnin’ …

Well, the Cavs made a move.  Glad they didn’t get Stoudemire, glad that Z can come back in 30 days (and I hope he does) and hoping Antawn Jamison turns out to be the missing piece the Cavaliers need to take it all the way to the next level.  

Movie recommendation:  I finally got to see the Gerard Depardieu “Cyrano de Bergerac” and, well, I’m in love with this movie and I don’t care who knows it.  I can’t believe Cyrano thought he was ugly, nose or no nose … 

Depardieu as Cyrano de Bergerac

Depardieu as Cyrano

If I were available, I’d go for this guy.  How could you not like someone with that much panache, that much style, such a large heart — far larger than his nose — and who really lived!  Truly a lovely movie and the Anthony Burgess-penned subtitles were great!  I have to see it again, so I can listen to the dialogue more.  Don’t be intimidated by the French language; it’s a very accessible movie even if all you can do is read the subtitles.  Hard to choose a “best scene”, but my favorite was the sequence where he insults himself and his nose … he does this one bit where he looks like an overawed child looking up at the L’Arc De Triomphe: “How much to tour the monument?”  I really liked that; I guess it’s a “Le coeur a ses raisons, que la raison ne connaît point” thing Your mileage may vary! 

In other news:  Joe Hill, Stephen King’s son and a pretty good writer on his own, has a new book out called “Horns”.  It’s my BOMC selection this month, and I’m really looking forward to getting it.  I liked “Heart Shaped Box” better than anything Stephen King’s put out lately — sorry, Steve.  The only one of his recent books that I even remotely liked was “Duma Key”.  I tried on “The Cell”, “Under the Dome” and “Lisey’s Story”, but no go.  I did at least finish “Lisey”, but as with “Duma”, the territory’s been explored already, and King’s issues with finishing his stories showed up very strongly, IMHO. 

I think the last thing of King’s I really liked was “Insomnia”.  I know that’s not a general favorite, even with King himself, but I really loved the characters and even if the plot dipped into Gunslinger territory (another non-starter for me) it didn’t keep me from enjoying it.  So we’ll see what Joe Hill’s new book has to offer!


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