I’m so tired …

I don’t understand why this last week seems as though it has gone on forever. I could have slept the clock ’round; I’ve been that wiped out.

The weather hasn’t been that bad, Tom has been sleeping mostly, and I don’t think I woke up any more than usual, but I’m exhausted. Even now, as I type this, I’m fighting the impulse to drop my head on my desk and finish up lunch with a nice nap. Weird.

Olympics: Such a shame about the young luger who was killed in practice. Still, I hope the others keep on, in his honor. Congrats to the American guy who won the Nordic combined event. My fear of heights makes it a cinch that I’ll never try ski jumping (got to ask Mr. Jalbert, if I meet him, what it feels like to jump) but nice to see a x-c skier from the U.S. win.

Life, the Universe and Everything: Hugo Boss is planning on cutting a plant here in the Cleveland area to move the jobs back overseas. Here is a poll from the Plain Dealer asking if a profitable business should cut jobs to make it more profitable. I hate to see anyone lose their job, but asking if a business should make profit is such a no-brainer to me, I’m not sure why we’re having this debate. A business is just that — a business; a place to make money.

On Rhapsody: “February Song”, Josh Groban

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