Just sittin’ on the dock of the bay …

Lots of news from Canadiens land: Bob Gainey, the GM, is out; the new guy is one Pierre Gauthier, formerly GM for Ottawa and Anaheim. Hope he makes some good decisions as we get close to the trading deadline and the Olympic break. Doesn’t sound like he’s going to make or enforce any changes at goalie, though. Le sigh.

Did Group Power again last night. I’m still sore, but it’s a good sore! 🙂

I wish I had a camera with me. I’d love to show you the fireplace they have here in the library. It makes a Winter evening like this one feel very cozy.

I’m not looking forward to the whole resume/interview thing if I wind up out of a job soon. I think I’d rather have to go through dating again! At least then someone buys you dinner! LOL!

I’m listening to the playlist I put together when I walked last summer. I did the same trail so often that each song brings up a memory of where I should be walking when it was playing. Sigh. I like Winter and I’m looking forward to the 5k race next week. But I’m also really looking forward to good weather again. Talk about being pulled in two directions at once! But then, I’m used to that.

On the Sansa: “It’s Raining Men”, The Weathergirls*

(* that’s the song I go down the hill on!)


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