How will I know …

I am dithering like Hamlet about submitting a short story I’ve written to a short story contest. I’ve some time to decide, since the contest closes in April.

The story itself is an odd sort of hybrid. If you don’t know what it’s “really” about, you can read it as a story and not have any problem with it. But there are some people who would know where I was coming from when I wrote it, and I’m pretty sure it would not be appreciated by them.

So. Do I take a chance? The problem is, I can’t have a true perspective on whether or not it’s any good. I never do. But the people I might ordinarily ask are among those who might not like it. I need to look for someone knowledgeable about writing and ignorant of the subject matter. As if.

In other news, I have two other stories in progress — another GA backstory with the slimmest of C! frames, and a complete Combat! story with Littlejohn as the lead. The latter is one of those stories that I can’t seem to find an end for; it wants to keep going and going like the Energizer Bunny and I’m not sure it should. So for now I’ve put it aside and I’ll come back to it later. The GA story is going well, as seems to be the case with the GA universe stuff. For better or worse and right now, that’s where my writing heart really is.

On Rhapsody: Soldier of Love, Sade

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