So she dances …

Well, I finally got around to seeing my new doctor.  I like him, so far; he’s much better than the condescending Clinic doctor I had for so many years.  The one who misread my symptoms so that I wound up in the ED in observation with severe abdominal pains from a gallbladder attack.

We talked about my working out and not seeing results on the scale.  He ordered some preliminary tests run to check the odd thing here and there, and — believe it or not — I’ll have the results back tomorrow!  I used to wait weeks at CCF and a lot of times I never heard unless I called in.  If they deliver here, that’ll be a big plus in their favor.

I just want to know where I am on this.  Basically, I feel pretty good.  My blood pressure was 116/68 (pas mal!) — I think my blood counts should be normal, and if we can just get this issue licked, I’ll be so happy.  Well, that, and trying to figure out why I have messed up balance and very little coordination.  It’s frustrating; I took ballet and tap classes when I was young and even when I was older and had put on some weight, I could watch someone dance and duplicate what they did.  Now, I consider it a victory to walk without stumbling.

So, we’ll see.

On Rhapsody, “La Ultima Notte”, by Josh Groban

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