Gonna let everything just happen …

Tuesday Randomness:

I finished “Against All the World”. It’s here.

Unless we can ski on icy grass, looks like the Nordic Flurry x-c race at Chapin Forest won’t happen — although there’s plenty of time to get more of the white stuff. I can only pray.  I’d really like to try the 5k.  If I could walk 5k, I should be able to ski that far.

According to the radio (WTAM) this morning, the 2010 Cleveland Orchestra strike is over.  Doesn’t it seem silly for an orchestra to go on strike, or is it just me?

And in other news … the Habs lost to the Rangers, 6-2.  Unfortunately, Halak was between the pipes.  I still think it’s the defensemen’s fault, but you watch, even though they didn’t blame him, Jacques Martin will put Price back in tomorrow night against St. Louis.  Oh, well.  Go Habs go!


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