A little bit of this, a little bit of that …

I have to recommend something I’ve found both very eye-opening and very helpful: http://eatthis.menshealth.com/home.

I do a lot more label reading on food, both in the grocery store and prior to those rare occasions that we eat out, but I still don’t know everything.  I used to “treat” myself twice a month at payday, eating at Great Steak Escape (or whatever they call themselves now).  I’d get a Turkey Philly (including the mayo and cheese), an order of their fries and a large (not diet) fresh lemonade, then I’d pat myself on the back for not eating at that place with the Golden Arches.

Well, after going through the “Eat This, Not That” site and book, I decided to do some sleuthing on the calorie content of GSE (from THEIR website) and found that my semi-monthly indulgence had almost as many calories in THAT ONE MEAL as I was supposed to eat for the day. 

Turkey Philly – 550 Calories
Lemonade – 233 Calories
Fries – 498 Calories

for a grand total of (drum roll, please!) – 1,281 Calories!

And I can safely say that I also ate breakfast and dinner that day.  So now I don’t eat there any more.

Anyway, the neat thing about “Eat This, Not That” is that they offer alternatives which are lower in calories, fat, sodium, etc. than the thing they’re warning you against.  It’s worth checking out.


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