You can dance if you want to …

Well, I started a new story.  This one is called “Against All the World” and is derived from Pierre’s comment in “First Hello, Last Goodbye” that Denis pulled up his drawbridge against almost everyone but Annette and the children when Paul was very young.  It’s mostly a Denis story with everyone else chiming in.  Paul/Caje is only in it briefly (as a 9-month-old), so I probably won’t post it on the Combat! groups, even though there’s a war in it (WWI) and a LeMay in uniform (Pierre, temporarily invalided home).  I think I’ll have to start a LiveJournal for these stories, until such time as I decide to start on the novel, and then no one will see anything, although I might ask for occasional advice.

I know I’ve said this before, but I find such joy in writing, in working out ideas and then seeing them come to life.  The characters in this universe have become real people for me.  I feel as though I would know Denis or Pierre or Thierry or Marcel (in this generation) if I met them; even the Delagardies and Sheriff Breaux and the Caissys are real to me, even though they haven’t been drawn that strongly yet.  My only regret is that I haven’t done a better job (in my opinion) on Annette, at least, never mind Helene or poor Yvette.  It’s probably a symptom of a childhood as a tomboy and decidedly not being a “girly-girl” (and probably Mom being so down on makeup, etc.)  I suspect I missed out on a few things somewhere along the line.  Well, I can only keep working on them; I’m sure I can do better.

On Rhapsody: Chelsea Morning, Joni Mitchell

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