Listen to the music …

Just found out that one of my favorite singers is coming to Kent Stage right around my birthday.

Marc Cohn burst onto the music scene (one of those ‘took a long time’ overnight successes) in 1991 with his eponymous album, and the hit single “Walkin’ in Memphis”.  I like “Memphis”, but there were a lot of of other songs I liked better, including “True Companion”, which Tom and I played at our wedding two years later.  I got his second album, but kind of wound up disconnected for a couple of years, when I heard about his bizarre experience with being carjacked and shot in Vegas.  The bullet went around his head and he survived, Thank God, but it left him in a strange place.  You can read about that here.

He’s got a really great voice and his songs (and covers) are powerful and feeling.  Not only that, but us Northeastern Ohioans can be especially proud, since he’s one of us.

So I’m looking forward to that February evening, sitting and listening to Marc back home in Kent.


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