I’m a loser … and I’m not what I appear to be …

“The thing I hate
about losing weight
is even though I’m getting fitter
the point of this verse
is that I’ll look worse
before I begin looking better.”

(Okay, that’s a pretty weak rhyme … LOL)

The point is, even though it looks as though I’ll see a goodly weight drop on the scale this month, the only thing scarier than weighing in is getting a good look at myself in the mirror. They say you can’t lose in “spots”; that you have to lose all over. What ‘they’ don’t tell you is that while you may be losing generally, you don’t lose EVENLY — right now, I’m bumpier than 10 miles of bad road. 😀

Ah, well, there’s just no pleasing me, is there? LOL! First I complain I can’t lose and then I complain when I do.

In the meantime, Joyeux Noël et Bonne Année! from my bottomless store of French! 🙂


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