Simply the best …

I want to offer kudos to DocB and TG from our Combat! group, who successfully completed Nano. Way to go, y’all!

I never got past 33,000 — I was wrong yesterday when I thought I was on my way past 35,000; I lost on the recount … I might have managed to get a little more done last night, but no points for guessing who walked out of the house to go to the library without her stick drive. (Duh.) So … it was fun, and in an odd way, I will miss the competitive addition to writing. Not the writing itself; it’s not as though I’m going to stop or anything.

And now there’s always the chance I can get a beta for the two stories I have almost done. Ya think?


2 thoughts on “Simply the best …

    • Janet Aldrich says:

      Thanks. I just wish I could have scraped out some more time here and there. Although what I replied to SaddleUp on the board is true … the story keeps morphing on me and even if I’d gotten 50,000, it wouldn’t have been done! 🙂

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