It’s only words, and words are all I have …

Except that I don’t seem to be using them very well.

I hereby vow that in future, I will do my very best to completely spell out what I mean. There have been several things that have happened recently, misunderstandings that were largely due to my apparent assumption that people can read my mind (actually, it’s possible that the real misunderstanding is that I have a mind to read in the first place). I have, by nature and training, a telegraphic, minimalist tendency in my writing. When the subject comes up (in my mind, that is) I have to wonder if my mother was scared by Ernest Hemingway when I was in utero.

I think I’m explaining myself, and then people come back with a completely different response than I could ever imagine — and it’s usually because I didn’t say enough, or I left things unconnected on paper because the connections in my head didn’t make it when I wrote them down or typed them out.

Ergo, I promise in future to say more precisely what I mean and at the same time hopefully not surrender to verbosity for verbosity’s sake.

Did that make sense?


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