I didn’t mean to hurt you …

This is a public apology to a lady known in the Combat! community as Bayo.

I’d been working on this story (Best Laid Plans) and I asked her, because I knew she knew French (and I figured that included Cajun because of her fine stories) if she’d look at the story and let me know if I’d made any blunders in that direction.

She not only did that, but she also came back with ideas on concept, corrected my punctuation and made some other suggestions, most of which I took, a few of which I didn’t, and generally she made the story a lot better.

She also suggested that when I made all the changes, I should get a final beta. It’s kinda hard during Nano, so when I posted for assistance (even going so far as to try to bribe someone with a vignette or drawn sketch) I got no takers.

Finally, I gave up trying to get another beta, and I posted the story. When I did, I explained that it hadn’t been betaed — by which I meant that I couldn’t get a final beta. Without going back and looking, I think I said it had been gone through initially, but I know I didn’t explain well enough. I also know that I hurt Bayo’s feelings quite wrongly.

Bayo, this is my formal apology to you. You deserved better from me and I truly regret any hurt I caused. Mea culpa.

I’m also beginning to think that when the Lord lets me make blunders of such magnitude, He’s trying to tell me something. Maybe I need to consider whether or not I should be writing?


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