You’re gonna carry that weight for a long time …

Well, it’s been about six weeks since I commenced The Great Experiment — or maybe the great Life Change. I joined Fitworks and have done a pretty good job of working out consistently. I’ve made major changes in my eating — wish I could say I hadn’t made any fumbles, but there have been fewer than usual.

I also tried not to have any major expectations about how quickly things were going to change, but folks, I am frustrated at how the scale is not going down. I had a long talk with one of the personal trainer staff at Fitworks and she made some suggestions and told me to stay the course. (I kinda felt like I’d hit a time warp and stumbled into George Bush [Sr.]’s White House — remember the sketch with Dana Carvey and Jon Lovitz on SNL? “I’m being beaten by a man who can’t speak in complete sentences!”) She said that I should be at a tipping point soon, when the muscles I’m building and which outweigh the fat that’s leaving should start help me to burn calories.

I didn’t expect overnight results, but after six weeks, I hoped I’d see more. I know I’ve lost inches; I don’t smash people when I sit in bus seats and my clothes are DEFINITELY looser. And I know that this is one case where size counts — no one knows what you weigh unless you tell them and if I’m smaller that’s a victory, but for me it won’t be real until the numbers are smaller.

On the Sansa, “Kiss From a Rose”, Seal

One thought on “You’re gonna carry that weight for a long time …

  1. tenpossible says:

    boo. i know how you feel. But its true, you lose inches before you lose pounds. I’m not quite sure why. My problem used to be that I thought I knew how to eat right, but I was always eating way too much. Weight watchers really helped me understand what I needed to eat to lose weight. hope this helps

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