Back in the saddle again …

Well, broke through the writers block last night. About 3,000 more words (and I’m still WAY behind). Now I’m in never-never land. This is where I break from how I plotted out LFM originally. I had to “kill some darlings” last night. I really liked the way it was before, but since I’m sending Denis and Pierre rather than Charlotte, Pierre and Amelie, the whole train thing either has to go, or it has to be substantially rewritten.


Anyway, it was good to write and feel right about it rather than writing by rote. Really! >:)

And MM (our Mad Moderator) wrote a really cute and funny short-short about the squad getting downtime because all of us Nanos having to come up with plots and things to do with the squad. I guess she must have read my novel excerpt!

“Rabid” Caje fan out! (hee)


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