I read the news today, oh, boy …

The news has been of all-compassing ugliness lately. There were the shootings in Orlando at the engineering firm (that hits home in a nasty way) and the horrible acts at Fort Hood.

But here in Cleveland, we are dealing with acts of senseless violence which are every bit as frightening. It is inconceivable that more than 11 women could have been abducted and killed and left where the smell penetrated the neighborhood — and no one noticed or, worse, did anything about it. Especially given the presence of a registered sex offender in the area. Someone somewhere had to do a lot of ‘looking past’ to miss Anthony Sowell’s rampage, a lot of ignoring.

Out there, right now, there is likely another Anthony Sowell perpetrating the same kind of acts. Please, God, let us not be blind about the evil around us, and give us the courage to speak out so people like this can be stopped before they cause so much pain.

On the Sansa, “You’re Still You” by Josh Groban

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