I got a new attitude …

(Takes deep breath and rubs hands together).

Well, I’ve found a new (actually, quite old) idea that I’m resurrecting for Nano. Gotta go edit my Novel Info page.

After I finished my (should never have been written) first two stories, I had an idea which I researched but never wrote, involving the Resistance and some very nasty Krauts, tentatively called “Spiderweb”. So it’s hi-ho and I’m all out for Normandy, not too long after D-Day …

Actually, I have another WIP called “He Who Has My Heart”, but I have to really put some effort on the middle of it to make it work and I think it’ll all be the better for percolating awhile longer. Not to mention careful examination, so that there are no “Mary Sue-ish” elements in it. I can just imagine the hue-and-cry if I don’t (hee) since it’s a very Caje-centric story with a romance in it. I haven’t exactly hidden my deep and abiding affection for our Cajun soljer boy … (insert shy giggle and blush here) … I would prefer that no one believes that’s supposed to be ME — which it isn’t. Our Heroine is a young widowed French lady who’s undergone the deprivations of war and I’m afraid it’s very obvious I haven’t missed many meals (and no one would call me young anymore, either). Although I’m working on that, too — the meals, I mean. My age is past praying for, unfortunately.

In fact, I’m off to work out now! Working hard toward this month’s weight goal.


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