Give thanks with a grateful heart …

I reread my post from yesterday and realize that I may have given the wrong impression about something.

One thing that has become increasingly valuable to me as time goes by is people who are willing to be honest, even if the truth is painful.

I wrote two fairly long stories back at the beginning of my Combat! writing. One of them (and the prequel for it) was among those I sent off to the actor whose character figured in them. All along, as I was being betaed (by the first group) I belonged to, I was told “oh, these are really good stories”. But it’s patently obvious they weren’t. I wish my beta had just said, well, it was a good idea but it really isn’t working.

That’s why I’m glad the person who read my newest story has been honest with me. In fact, she’s spent a lot more time on me than I had any right to expect, given I only asked for a critique of the French and Cajun dialect. I am deeply thankful for her honesty. If I am discouraged, it has nothing to do with the rewrite and everything to do with whatever it is I’m fighting with at the moment. I don’t want to write anything right now, not even the Nano stuff.

I hate even writing this here, but where else can I say it? Some of the people I have been talking to aren’t talking to me any more and I don’t know why (this was before the onset of this moodiness).

Lord, aid me. Prayers appreciated.


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