I’m sick of sittin’ round here trying to write this book …

Ok, I’m not yet. But by the end of November, I could actually have something in common with one of the Boss’ songs.

I just went and signed up for NaNoWriMo. That, for the uninitiated, is the National Novel Writing Month, to wit, the month of November. I have committed to write a 50,000 word piece. DocB looked at “Last Full Measure” for me, and said I need to build it up and add more detail, and that rather than it being one long story, it ought to be a chaptered fic, or a novel, if you like.

So, starting November 1, I’m not going anywhere without a notepad so I can write even when I’m not by a computer, plus a stick drive so I can transcribe anytime I DO run into a computer.

I wish I had an idea for something saleable, but until I get to LA next summer (Lord willing), I don’t have the background for the mystery novel that’s been tickling around my backbrain. So for now, the good thing will be developing some writing discipline and ‘muscles’. Which will be helpful if I ever do get a good idea I can sell.

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