Money don’t get everything, it’s true …

Hi!  Do I have any rich readers who’d like to adopt me?  Or at least provide me with some extra money? (Ok, yes, I’m kidding …)

I had my “free session” with the personal trainer at Fitworks last night.  I think I worked harder in the 25 minutes we actually worked out than I ever have before.  Unfortunately, it’s horribly expensive (at least from my perspective – YMMV) and I can’t afford to pay to keep doing it.  So I’ll try to take what I learned and build on it.  C’est la vie!

On other fronts … I got a short, polite note back about my story, except that it really didn’t SAY anything about the story (liked, didn’t like, you might want to consider taking up digging ditches) nothing. The friend who encouraged me to send it saw the person I sent it to and she told me something that makes me hope that things aren’t as bleak as I thought they were.  Apparently he did like the stories I sent — at least that’s what she said he said, so I don’t feel so bad.  It’s just that one of the other women on the board got a lovely letter telling her how much he liked her story, and he signed it and sent it back.  So I still wonder … that sure didn’t happen to me!  I want to believe … oh, how I want to believe.  Sometimes faith just doesn’t come easy.

On Rhapsody: Celtic Woman, May It Be

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