On the road again …

(I guess that could be Canned Heat or Willie Nelson, depending on if you’re my age or younger, country or rock … take your pick!)

I’ve restarted my workouts; due to my excessive overtime, I was able to come up with the money to join Fitworks and I’ve done four straight days of workouts.  I’m going tonight and meeting with a personal trainer (one of my two free visits).  Not sure what this will do for me, but hey!  if I knew everything, I’d probably not weigh as much as I do, right?

Speaking of letting oneself go, I was checking out Gerard Depardieu, whose Le dernier metro I have at home to watch.  Turns out he has what sounds like a nice little movie that came out in 2006 called Quand j’etais chanteur (The Singer).  If you know where I can find this on a US-compatible DVD, drop me a line, will you?  I’d like to see it.

Bayo has set up a site for me and my stories.  You can find them here — just scroll down to TEC4 and click.  Some of them are up now, and more will be by the end of the year.  It’s nice to have a central place for them and I deeply appreciate the work Bayo has put into them.  Je vous remercie beaucoup, Bayo!

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