In Just-Fall

This month, now dying, has been very busy for me.

First, we had a major report due out here at work, and I wound up with almost 40 hours of overtime in three weeks.  That alone meant that I didn’t do much of anything else.  You don’t realize how tiring work is until you have to do more of it than you intended to in a given period.  I don’t care what anyone says — the money you earn for overtime doesn’t really make up for the time you don’t get off.  Although now I can join Fitworks!

Second, I walked the Susan B. Komen Race for the Cure.  I haven’t been able to walk much lately.  It’s a combination of having done some undefined something to my heel/calf/foot.  It hurt the day of the walk, but I didn’t walk terribly fast (they had clocks at the mile markers and it was the absolute slowest I’ve done two miles in a long time).  The nice thing is, I finished the 5K (3.1 miles) and it felt great.

Third, we now have also lost Doodlebug.  I can’t really talk about it; it hurts terribly and it probably will for awhile.  I know there are people out there with real problems, and I know he was just a little kitty — but, oh, Father, I am missing him so.  Please help Tom and I get through this.  Amen.

Not that I have no joy — it’s just a little in abeyance for the moment.

Fourth, I started WWIII on the Combat! fanfic groups.  I am (unofficially) persona non grata on the Fanfic group and have been more tightly cemented into the Coven (I wish they’d chosen a better name — we’re not witches!).  Doc II said that she didn’t want the stories posted until after the ‘zine came out.  Well, she announced the ‘zine and I assumed that it would be ok to put GA and MI out on the Coven.  Because of the split between the two groups, I knew that Hades would freeze over before any of the Covenites would buy the ‘zine.  I didn’t see what it would hurt.  Well, to paraphrase Maximus (Russell Crowe) at the beginning of Gladiator: On my posting, unleash Hell!  I was chatting with a Covenite (who’d encouraged me to post) when an email came in from Doc II saying I shouldn’t have posted.  I mentioned this to the chattee and immediately it became a diplomatic incident.  It made me so tired — one more thing at a time when I hadn’t the strength emotionally for ‘one more thing’.  It’s blown over now (kinda), but it was awful while it lasted.

And finally, I have mailed a copy of GA to my favorite actor from the show (who is central to the story).  My heart is in my throat, and will be until he answers (if he does).  Everyone tells me how wonderful he is, but he may not be interested in answering, and that’s the view I’m taking.  If I hear back, that will be great — even if he’s not that crazy about the story.  If not — well, life will go on, right? 

“[Wo]men have died from time to time and worms have eaten them, but not for lack of reviews of fanfiction.”
William Shakespeare, As You Like It (my paraphrase)

On Rhapsody: So She Dances, Josh Groban

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