I’ll Keep on Walkin’ …

There are an awful lot of old blues and rock songs about walking!

Well, I walked on Saturday and Sunday at the club I’m trying out (Fitworks) and today I was back to the old stand (what I’ve taken to calling the “airport” trail).  Even though it was relatively warm, I was able to do the whole thing with only two brief stops at red lights. (Hey, I want to keep moving and get my HR up, but I don’t think that requires getting ‘that old run down feeling …’)  I did 1.4 miles (only walked a half-hour) on Saturday and 1.5 miles (ditto, plus a little weight work) on Sunday.  Also, I’ve been ‘timing’ myself by my exercise playlist and the song I usually “walk into the building” on didn’t start until after I got on the elevator to go back to the office.  That tells me I walked at least a little faster than I have before.  So:

For the day: 2.1 miles               For the month: 7.4 miles

The nice thing is that as of Thursday, I’ll finally be done with the current Combat! stories and illos for Doc’s zine, and any work I do on stories from here out won’t be time driven.  So I can work on evenings and on the weekends and have lunch every day to walk.

The problem is, I would really like to join a fitness club.  My intent is walk at lunch unless it’s raining cats and dogs, hailing/snowing A LOT!, or extremely (and I mean extremely) cold.  I grew up in Portage County, Ohio on a kind of a pocket farm and I’m used to reasonable fall/winter weather.  And I WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT. Period.  Exclamation Point.  End of Sentence.  I’m not going to let ordinary life stop me if I have any say in the matter.  But I would also like to do weight work — having more lean muscle means you burn more calories/fat.  Cardio is important, but so is the other.   Now if I could just get Fitworks not to charge almost $100 to just JOIN!  It may be back to Bally’s for me. $100 there is a whole year, not an initiation fee.

Of course, I’ll have to try not to fall down again.  Yes, your correspondent decided to measure herself on the sidewalk last week.  I went down a hill I normally go up and caught a toe on a raised slab on East Ninth Street near the Free Stamp (now hear this, City of Cleveland Engineering or Maintenance!  Fix the bloody sidewalk already!) that I would normally miss, going the other way.  Did a real number on my right leg in the scrapes and contusions category.  On the other hand, if I’d been sliding into second base, I’d have been safe. 🙂  I fell amazingly gently, all things considered.  And now that I know it’s nothing serious, it’s back to the airport for me.


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