I Would Walk 500 Miles and I Would Walk 500 More …

Well, here it is August (what HAS happened to the Summer?!).  I’ve decided to track how much exercise walking I do for the month, to keep myself accountable.

I am very near having my weight drop below a particular round figure (a VERY round figure, not to put too fine a point on it) and it’s my goal to do so by Labor Day.  That gives me a month, and I think I can do it.

I walked yesterday.  To give me a benchmark and make it possible to see if I’m getting better at this (and faster), I am sticking solely to the Airport/Marginal Road “trail” (map here).  That’s a little over 2.1 miles (counting the walk from the building to where the trail starts).  If I get to the point where I finish down by the stadium before 12:15, I will add some of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Boulevard trail (the bit down by Voinovich Park) which will add another .8 miles.

So, right now, the numbers are:

For the day: 2.1 miles               For the month: 2.1 miles

I’ve only been walking every other day, partly because my poor knees need a day to recover and partly so that I can get some other things done at lunch.  But I seem to be recovering faster, and my stories and illos are going to be to my ‘zine editor no later than Saturday, so I won’t have to stay in at lunch unless it’s pouring outside (I don’t mind being cold, but I draw the line at being soaked) or if I have something to do for work that won’t wait.  And I hope that either I can join a fitness club or start fencing soon.

So we’ll see what happens.  But I intend to lose weight.  I have motivation and a goal, and I don’t intend to let anything stop me but the Lord.  Onward and downward! 😀

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