This Makes My Head (and Heart) Hurt

Sometimes, the news is just incomprehensible!

There’s been an ongoing story here in Northeast Ohio that makes me want to cry.

A little boy, eight years old, tells his parents he has a lump on his throat. They do nothing.  As time passes, he complains of more and more pain. His parents do nothing.  An aunt tells his parents that she will take him and care for him; their response is to run to another part of Ohio in order to evade Child Services.  After some time (the stories I’ve seen don’ t have exact dates), the young boy dies of Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Oh, yes.  In the meantime, the family’s pit bull has fleas.  The “parents” take the dog to the vet and pay the bill.  I should mention that they have other children between 5 and 15.  None of them are going to school or being taken to the doctor for any reason.  There doesn’t appear to be any reason for this, no religious beliefs or such; they apparently just don’t care enough to take care of their children.

When I read things like this, my first reaction is anger.  I wonder why the Lord doesn’t just wipe people like this out.  I know He must have His reasons, but they are unquestionably past my understanding.  While I’m waiting for His justice, I can only hope that man’s justice does its job and puts these ‘people’ somewhere where they can’t hurt any more little boys.


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