Standing up for yourself …

Today’s Cleveland Plain Dealer has an article (it may have been there yesterday, I’m not sure) about a 70-year-old woman who repulsed four teens who broke into her house to rob her by hitting them with an Emeril Lagasse saucepan.

As you can imagine (particularly in the wake of the shootings downtown last weekend) comments are mixed about 50-50 between people who are all “well, yes, it worked out but what if it hadn’t” and people who are all “Go, Granny, good for you!”.

I’m not crazy about violence as a solution to things, but I really believe at some point you have to stand up for yourself when faced with crime.  Especially if someone else was threatened, I would hope I would react the way this lady did.  These guys don’t treat quietness or non-resistence with any respect.  The two young men who were shot on Saturday apparently offered no resistance to the four thugs who shot them, and it didn’t help.  I hope my response would be non-lethal — something that allowed me time to get away.  I don’t know if I could kill someone to protect myself.  I don’t think so.

If it was a matter of faith — someone threatened me as a Christian — I wouldn’t respond with any violence.  Around the world, the persecuted church responds with love and prayer and asks that from us.  On the rare occasion (Nigeria comes to mind) when violence has been the response, it has not worked out well.

Pretty deep thoughts for a Thursday morning.  Hope your day is going quietly, with no upheavals.


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