What I’m Thankful For …

No, we didn’t skip everything from February to November while you slept last night. It just occurred to me that instead of moaning about what I don’t like, I should speak up once in awhile and say what I’m thankful for instead.

That would include:

  • All the blessings I have from the Lord — I have a warm place to eat and sleep, my bills are mostly paid, I opened my eyes this morning and I can see, I stood up and could walk, I turned on the spigot in the bathroom and got (mostly) clean water and had a choice of hot and cold and I have food in the refrigerator and clothes to wear and fairly reliable transportation. Lots of people all over the world, including the US, do not have all or most of those things. I am really blessed and I hope I never take this for granted.
  • Tom, my dear husband
  • Doodlebug, cat of the year
  • Lynx, almost cat of the year
  • My job (and I pray for those who daily find out that they don’t have a job any more)
  • My boss and co-workers
  • The Internet
  • The gang at www.worldofprophecy.com/smf.  I love you all so much and am so thankful that we are all there for each other.  Even when we don’t see eye to eye on non-essentials
  • That I can go to church without worrying about the government trying to stop me (at least for now)
  • That I can speak out for my brothers and sisters in Christ in other countries who don’t have that ability
  • That Jesus Christ died for me and rose again and because of Him, I have eternal life
  • That I can post to this blog even though it isn’t being read by the ton! 🙂
  • Those who do read …

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