Is it April yet?

I’m sorry about the lack of recent activity. Things have heated up for me at work, going back to last year, when my boss was on maternity leave. RL heated up too, which makes for not much time to think or write. What time I’ve had I’ve put on the other blog, since so much has happened recently. I’ll try to do better here.

The weather is no help either. There’s something about this time of year, whether it’s just the grayness, or because of personal issues, that drags me down and makes me somewhat inert.    The period 1982-1986 was a rough time for me and my sister, and most of the ‘activity’ centered around mid-February to mid-March.  Needless to say, this is not our favorite time of the year.  Our (maternal) grandmother passed away in March, 1982, our dad died on Valentine’s Day 1983 (and was buried on my sister’s birthday – February 18).  A year later, almost exactly, (again, near my sister’s birthday), our mom was diagnosed with acute myelomonocytic leukemia.  She was in the hospital for almost a month (mid-March, again) and we found out she was no longer in remission on my sister’s birthday (AGAIN) in 1986.  She died on March 16 of that year.

The way the weather feels, especially as we move into March, is very evocative and brings back memories I’d rather forget.  Sometimes, I dream that we are going through it all again, and it’s nearly unbearable.  It’s hard when you can’t even get away from things when you sleep.

I like winter, really!  But for the past few years (maybe you can put it down to me moving toward 50) I’ve started craving Spring and Summer by January.  So wake me up on April 2, ok?

On Rhapsody:  “Beautiful Day” by U2

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