Forget shelter, gimme food!

The powers that be, whomever they are, have succeeded in dismantling the economic infrastructure of this country.  Banks were arm-twisted, under the guise of good social policy, to lend money to unqualified borrowers.  Result:  the present economic crash.

Our industrial capacity has been reduced to the point where there is hardly a thing Americans can buy to wear or use which has been made in whole in the United States.  If someone wanted to blockade us, we would be in a world of hurt.

If the Senate has its way and Detroit goes down, the crash from that domino will start a chain reaction that will trickle far beyond the direct effects to the auto industry and consumers.

Now food is under attack.  As a believer in Jesus Christ and a reader of God’s word, I know the day will come when those of us who hold on to the Lord will not be able to ‘buy or sell’ (Rev. 13:17).  What’s happening now or is being planned will make that even easier when it comes to stopping us believers buying a meal for our families.

1.  The government raided an organic food co-op here in NE Ohio, in Oberlin and shut it down.  Ostensibly it was about licensing, but it was really about making choices for us as to WHERE we can buy food.  Watch — next it’ll be those little stands out in the country where you can buy produce, like the one we had when I was a kid (no points for guessing who got to sit by the stand and sell vegetables!).

2.  The EPA wants to fine farmers for owning cows  and other food animals (all that methane, you know — I’d better watch out or they’ll likely fine me for my husband!), a move almost certainly guaranteed, as it now stands, to knock small farmers out of business.

3.  It is now illegal for a farmer to slaughter meat on his/her own farm and give it to a neighbor.

4.  The brilliant scientists who have given us genetically engineered seeds have a.  created many seeds whose “children” will not germinate the following season, and b.  created a situation where the pollen grown from the initial seeds contaminates adjacent fields and “sterilizes” them as well.  When I was growing up, some of our best produce came from seeds saved from good exemplars from the previous year’s crop.  With this ‘genetic drift’ (so to speak), this may no longer be possible.  This would mean that you have to buy new seed each year — one more source of government control, and

5.  Oh, yes.  They want to irradiate our food.  I don’t really think it’s necessary (and is probably the motivating force behind the engineered “scares” with contaminated spinach and tomatoes).  But if you irradiate something long enough, you effectively neuter it (assuming it has the capability to reproduce).  So if you had a really great tomato and wanted to grow more from its seeds, if it’s irradiated (and also assuming it wasn’t GE in the first place) you won’t be able to that way, either.

I hope I don’t sound too nuts.  I myself tend to reject the wilder forms of paranoia I see around me — I have a lot of good friends on my home board who I think go overboard with this stuff — but to me, as having grown up with farm-raised parents and a very large garden and food animals, this threat is very obvious.

Hoard those heritage seeds, folks.

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